e-STEAM@Home Award Scheme

e-STEAM@Home Award Scheme is a self-paced student-centered learning program for primary and secondary school students to self-learn at home. The Scheme is offered by HKUST’s Hong Kong Virtual University (HKVU) program. There are multiple topics at different levels for students to explore HKUST's Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) recommended for senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school students. Electronic Award Certificates will be issued by HKVU to Hong Kong students who have completed the MOOCs in different topics.

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AEARU Summer Institute for Extended Flipped Education

The AEARU Summer Institute for Extended Flipped Education provides an exchange opportunity for students in the institutions affiliated with AEARU to take the credit-bearing courses conducted by the world-leading professors delivered in the extended flipped classroom approach from which students are required to complete both the online course and the face-to-face class at HKUST campus.

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Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme

The Chemists Online Self-study Award Scheme Program is a student-spaced learning program for local senior secondary school students. It is jointly organised by Hong Kong Virtual University and the Science Education Section of the Education Bureau. The aims of the award scheme are to nurture scientific literacy of senior secondary school students by providing them with an exposure to more advanced chemistry online lectures.

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ExCEL Program

Exploration Centric Experiential Learning program (ExCEL Summer Program) aims to provide secondary school students opportunities to: explore different disciplines at the university level via innovative blended and experiential learning approaches, get a taste of university education, enhance students' learning profile, strengthen critical thinking skills in knowledge discovery, and earn academic credits from university level courses.

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Chemists Online Program

The Chemists Online Program is a one-year online seminar program which is collaboratively organized by universities and secondary schools in Hong Kong that aims at nurturing scientific literacy and questioning skills of secondary school students by providing them with exposure to university education through the use of appropriate e-learning facilities.

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Credit-bearing Courses

HKVU is now offering various credit-bearing courses for undergraduates from local tertiary institutes, secondary school students, and overseas students. Credit units may be earned from completing these courses. Students study through participating vast learning activities over an online learning environment and attending some face-to-face learning sessions. Under this program, undergraduates from local tertiary institutes may earn credit units outside their home universities. Secondary school students may gain a touch of knowledge beyond their school subjects before they enter universities. Oversea students may expense their summer on acquiring more knowledge.

Summer 2011-2012 for Local Undergraduate Students

Learning Community for Talented Students

Learning Community for Talented Students (LCTS) aims at enabling academically talented students to explore, discover, develop and enrich interests in advanced subjects beyond new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum. This program is designed to supplement the NSS by providing a stimulating learning environment for students to excel.

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Talented Youth Certificate Program

The Certificate Program (CP) offers various courses which are developed from regular university courses but restructured with less demanding work schedule. Academically talented secondary school students can explore and develop their interests in advanced subjects through an online learning environment. Lectures are delivered in the form of videocast which allows multiple viewing and revision at anytime, anywhere. A discussion forum integrated within the online learning environment is provided to facilitate communication among students and teaching staff.

Upon completion of the required course tasks, a student is entitled to receive a certificate of accomplishment of the course attended. Certificate holders may enroll in more advanced courses for further exploration in a specific area of study. The Talented Youth Certificate Program also offers the Accelerated Credit Program (ACP) to certificate holders to earn academic credits which are widely recognized towards their future relevant studies in tertiary institutions.

Certificate Program Spring Intake, 2007-08