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Learning Community for Talented Students (LCTS) aims at enabling academically talented students to explore, discover, develop and enrich interests in advanced subjects beyond new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum. This program is
designed to supplement the NSS by providing a stimulating learning environment for students to excel. The three main components of LCTS are:
  1. Credit Bearing Courses (tuition fee required)
  2. Chemists Online Series
  3. IAS Seminars (distinguished lectures by invited speakers from the Institute for Advanced Study)

Main Objectives

  1. To allow students to taste university education, to explore their interest in different disciplines and therefore to help them prepare subject selection in a more informative way
  2. To enrich students’ other learning experience
  3. To encourage proactive learning style through various online learning technologies
  4. To build up a learning community for talented students in secondary schools

Study Options

Credit Option
University credits will be granted upon the successful completion of the credit-bearing courses. Grading is based on performance in exams and other course activities. Achievement awards will be given to students who get grade A- or above.

Certificate Option
Students may select the certificate option if they want to participate in a course without earning any credits. No exams are required and hence students can focus more on participation than grades. A certificate of accomplishment will be issued upon completion of the required course activities including attendance of tutorials.


Current Offerings

No courses will be offered due to the course restructure for the 334 Scheme.

Previous Offerings