e-STEAM@Home Award Scheme


e-STEAM@Home Award Scheme is a self-paced student-centered learning program for primary and secondary school students to self-learn at home. The Scheme is offered by HKUST's Hong Kong Virtual University (HKVU) program in partnership with Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity), HKUST-Lee Kum Kee Happy Family Learning Center (HFLC) and the Education Bureau (EDB). There are multiple topics at different levels for students to explore HKUST's Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) recommended for senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school students. Electronic Award Certificates will be issued by HKVU to the students from Hong Kong primary and secondary schools who have completed the MOOCs in different topics.

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Nomination can only be made through school teachers. The nomination form for school teachers is available at HERE.


The following awards will be given to the students:

Award Number of courses completed
within the designated period
Bronze 2
Silver 3
Gold 4
Platinum 5

An electronic certificate will be awarded accordingly.

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Cohort 2023

This cohort runs from 1 Oct 2022 to 31 Aug 2023. As the courses are self-paced, the assessments are due at the end of course. The award certificates of this Scheme will be issued after the Scheme end for the students who have completed at least 2 of the following courses. This scheme offers the following courses indicated with **suggested** study levels. You may select any of them according to your interests and abilities. (i.e. Primary school students can also select courses for Secondary school students.)


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