Introduction to COSAS 2020

Students of local secondary schools are welcomed to join this program. The teacher nomination form and school application form are required to sent to EDB.

Criteria for the Awards

To complete the activities for one seminar, students are expected to:

  • read / view the pre-seminar materials which explains some of the chemistry knowledge and concepts involved in the seminar
  • attend the online seminar
  • attain 50% marks from the online assessments of the seminar

The following awards will be given to the students:

Award Number of seminars completed
within the designated period
Bronze 3
Silver 6
Gold 9
Platinum 12
Diamond 18

Certificates will be awarded accordingly.

Account Registration

Steps for students and teachers:

  1. Check the invitation email of HKMOOC Platform with subject keyword "COSAS 2020".
  2. Register your HKMOOC account on the registration form with the email address which has received the invitation email.
  3. Activate your HKMOOC account by clicking the link in the activation email with subject "Activate Your HKMOOC Account".
  4. You can access the course after successful activation.
  5. Feel free to join our student group on facebook.

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Online Briefing Session, Circulars and Documents

The important presentations and documents of online briefing are available here for teacher reference.

Circular Documents

Delivered Seminars


Drinking Water Treatment

 Mr. CHOW Wo Ming (Water Supplies Department)


Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme

 Prof. Lam Lung YEUNG (HKUST)


Air Quality Management Strategies for the Pearl River Delta Region

 Prof. Alexis LAU (HKUST)


Water Uptake of Atmospheric Particles: From the Millikan Oil Droplet Experiment to a Blue Sky

 Prof. Chak Keung CHAN (HKUST)


Science and the Aftermath of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident

 Prof. W. H. CHAN (HKBU)



 Prof. Kwok-yin WONG (HKPolyU)


The Importance of Water in Food Chemistry

 Dr. Vincent KO (CityU)



 Prof. Lam Lung YEUNG (HKUST)


Colour Chemistry

 Dr Vincent KO (CityU)


Photodynamic Therapy - A Promising Strategy of Cancer Treatment

 Prof. Dennis K. P. NG (CUHK)


Synthetic Polymers in Modern Life

Speaker: Prof. To NGAI (CUHK)


Metals in Biological Systems

 Prof. T C LAU (CityU)


Food Chemistry and Food Safety

 Dr. Ka-sing LEUNG (HKPolyU)


Nanomaterials for Environmental and Energy Applications

 Prof. Jimmy C. YU (CUHK)


Molecules for Liquid Crystal Displays

 Prof. Wai Kin CHAN (HKU)


Conducting Polymers

 Prof. W.K. CHAN (HKU)


Display and Light Technology - LCD, LED and OLED

 Dr. Raymond Kwong


Chemistry and Material Science in our Daily Lives

 CK WU (3M)


From Senior Secondary Level Redox Concept to the Application of the Beauty of Chemistry

 Dr. Chi Keung Mak


Drug Discovery and Organic Chemistry

 Dr. Kendrew MAK (CUHK)

cantonese english

Symmetry, Asymmetry & Our Chiral World - A Personal Recollection on the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

 Prof. Albert LEE (HKBU)


A Journey to the Structural Determination of Organic Molecules: IR, MS and NMR Spectroscopy

 Dr. Fuk Yee KWONG (HKPolyU)


Instrumental Analysis of Food and Drugs

 Dr. Kendrew K. W. MAK, Dr. W. F. CHAN (CUHK)


Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds

 Mr Yau-tim WONG (Hong Kong Accreditation Service)


Chemistry in the Service of Mankind

 Dr. John Wai (WuXi AppTec)



For general and content inquiry, please send us an email to addressing your full name and school name.

For technical inquiry, please send an email to addressing your full name and school name or share the question on the discussion board of HKMOOC.


  1. I've not yet received the invitation email. What should I do?

    You may be reminded by your nominating teacher before receiving invitation email to join the course "COSAS 2020". Please search the email in the spam folder of your email account with keyword "COSAS 2020". For Yahoo email users, you are recommended to register another email account in other service providers.

  2. I've received the invitation email. Can I use another email address for registration?

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  8. How do I find my progress report?

    You should find your study progress from the Progress tab in the course site of COSAS 2020 after successful login. You will also receive individual progress report by email.

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