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The Chemists Online Program is an online seminar program which is collaboratively organized by universities and secondary schools in Hong Kong that aims at nurturing scientific literacy and questioning skills of secondary school students by providing them with exposure to university education through the use of appropriate e-learning facilities.

Main Objectives

  1. To enhance students' scientific literacy;
  2. To develop questioning skills of senior secondary students;
  3. To increase the exposure of secondary school students to university education;
  4. To serve as an exemplar of school based assessment in chemistry in the NSS curriculum.

Student Activities

Six university-level seminars/laboratory sessions will be held for each student cohort. Seminar topics are selected to create a link with the syllabus of NSS chemisttry and further extend the reach to the latest advances in chemistry. These seminars will be delivered by experts from universities using an approach that fosters the learning of senior secondary school students.

Seminars, follow-up discussions, post-seminar Q&A sessions, surverys, exercises and extra interesting materials are made available on eLOP (e-Learning Open Platform). Students can participate in the online activities at their own time and engage in online exercises between seminars. Students are generally expected to spend less than 1 hour each week to fully experience this program.

Integrating Chemistry and Questioning Skills

Seminars on advanced chemistry topics to inspire students and create opportunities for inquiry-based learning.

Keyword-guided questioning tasks help students generate useful questions about the seminar topics.

Responsive feedbacks on post-seminar Q&A are prepared in a style to help students gradually develop questioning skills.

Keynotes presented in seminars and workshops to strengthen students' questioning skills through a progressive approach using different level of questioning keywords and thinking methods.

Additional interesting materials on the fringe of seminar topics are provided to students for further exploration at leisure.


Chemists Online 2012A for Local Secondary School Students
(Feb 2012 - Jul 2012)
Chemists Online 2011 for Local Secondary School Students
(May 2011 - Dec 2011)


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